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Satan is the father of the "elite" bloodlines, his throne was in Geneva, and their god is Lucifer

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

The satanic pentagram often includes the names Samael and Lilith along with the head of a goat. Cain was their son. Samael is the Hebrew name for Satan. Lilith is described in the Hebrew Bible as a "screech owl" or "night hag" in Isaiah 34;14, She was also said to be a demon who stole babies in the night. There is also a book about Jewish Mysticism called Lilith's Cave that Vicki Polin mentioned on Oprah in this video in 1989 when she talked about sacrificing and eating babies. Oprah didn't let her talk about eating the babies, only that "cannibalism" was involved after they were killed. Another video from 60 Minutes Australia called Satan's Children talks about killing and eating babies and says that the people who do this worship Lucifer. Lilith is represented by an owl like the owl that former Presidents and other powerful people conduct a mock sacrifice to at Bohemian Grove, or the owl that occultist landscape designer, Frederick Law Olmsted included in the layout for Washington D.C.

Cain is considered to be the first murderer for murdering Abel. He is also believed to have eaten Abel's flesh. For this, he and his descendants, the Canaanites, many of whom now call themselves Jews, were cursed by God to be without a home, and to wander the earth like a "rolling stone" so to speak, like what Bob "Dylan" Zimmerman sang about. Zimmerman told Ed Bradley that he had to keep touring as a septuagenarian because he made a deal with the "Chief Commander" in this video. The Canaanites were also known to sacrifice children to Moloch like the Bohemian Grovers "pretend" to do. The word, elite, simply refers to Canaanites who worshiped El, their supreme god. Yahweh was also a Canaanite god, whose name was forbidden to speak, so he was referred to as "Lord." He was worshiped alongside El, Asherah, and Ba'al, whose name means Lord. Ba'el Zebub means Lord of the Flies. Ba'el Zaboul, which the Book of Nicodemus says is synonymous with Ba'el Zebub, means Lord of the High Place. In the Testament of Solomon, Ba'el Zebub is equated with the Morning Star, or Lucifer.

Cain is not only considered to be the first murderer, but his consort was Lilith, his mother, which also makes him the first motherfucker, so to speak. Greek and Roman mythology also have stories like this with Uranus and Gaia who produced the first generation of Titans, like their son, Cronus, who ate five of his children except Zeus, who was kept hidden from him. The story of Caelus, Terra, and Saturn in Roman mythology is essentially the same story. The image to the left is a painting by Francisco Goya called Saturn Devouring His Son. Cronus fathered Zeus with his sister and wife, Rhea, and Saturn fathered Jupiter with his sister and wife, Ops. Ops was of Sabine origin, which is a region in Italy. This is important, because people who argue over which bloodlines rule the earth say that Italian families, like the Orsinis, are at the top of the power structure, and not the Rothschilds who claim to be Jews, but I think that wherever these ruling families originate from can be traced back to Satan. The Orsini family are also Sabines. The Sabine people worshiped Minerva, who is also represented by an owl. What are the odds?

Getting back to Satan's throne in Geneva. Revelation 2:13 says that Satan had his throne were Antipas was martyred, which according to the Christian account, was on the border of Lyon, France, and Geneva, Switzerland, where CERN is now. The Synagogue of Satan, er, World Jewish Congress, also has its headquarters in Geneva in yet another coincidence. This "Christian account" of where Antipas was martyred was removed by Wikipedia, not because it was inaccurate, but because the goyim started making videos about it, and this is apparently something we are not supposed to know. You can still find it here in the Wayback Machine. Tory Smith also said that there is a secret CIA office under Lake Geneva, which I cannot verify, but projects have been proposed to tunnel under Lake Geneva, and this seems like it would be the perfect place for the forces of evil to meet in my opinion. Maybe they could even travel to it by submarine, like the ones that Richard Branson and Ghislaine Maxwell had, or like the one in this article that provides sightseeing tours of wrecks at the bottom of Lake Geneva. The CIA neither represents nor protects the American people. I believe that it represents the interests of these "elite" bloodlines. They have been caught in human trafficking operations, the torture of innocent people, and in running drugs. Also, don't forget that Elon Musk runs both a tunnel boring company called The Boring Company, and a brain implant company called Neuralink because he also serves the interests of these "elites."

As far as Lucifer being the god of the Jews goes, Harold Wallace Rosenthal came right out and said this before he was killed in a terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey in 1976. His attackers belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a Marxist-Leninist group separate from the PLO, that claims to be pro-Palestine and anti-Israel. Seriously? Apparently these people haven't looked into Marxism and Leninism that much or they would know that these are Jewish ideologies. Why not just join the PLO instead of forming a new group? Smells like bullshit to me. Rosenthal gave an interview published as The Hidden Tyranny, which could be why he was killed in my opinion. Barbara Marx Hubbard, a Rockefeller-funded transhumanist futurist, had a Freudian Slip in 2015 and said that the "babies we eat" affect human evolution. She also said that one quarter of the population must be eliminated from the social body, and that her god put her ilk in charge of depopulation for "planet earth" in this quote. Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi says in this video that six billion idol worshipers have no right to live according to the Torah. This includes two billion Christians. He says that these idol worshipers "make 'god' angry every second of their life." Which god would get angry with people for worshiping his son, Jesus? I think it can only be Lucifer. I have another blog post about this. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I'm always looking for new pieces to this puzzle.

I was inspired to write this after watching this video of Lee Merritt, who mentions Ashkenazi "Jews" as being involved in this, but implies that it's a small "subset" of Jewry, which may or may not have been true 1,000 years ago, but I do not think is still true today. These are the same so-called "Jews" that the Bible says are from the Synagogue of Satan in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. I think that this "subset" of Jews are now well over 90% of people who call themselves Jews, and probably closer to 100%. She also says that the Orsini family is at the top of the power structure, and not the Rothschild family, who helped to create Israel and call themselves Jews, but are Khazars. I don't think it matters much because I think that all of people involved in this at the highest levels can trace their ancestry not just to Charlemagne as she states, but to Satan himself. How else can you explain ancient civilizations on earth that couldn't be any further apart, that built similar pyramids, and had similar child sacrifice rituals, and similar reptilitan deities? I don't know what to think about shape-shifting "reptilian" humanoids, but it's a common theme in mythology and science fiction. Arizona Wilder told David Icke that she saw elite humanoids shapeshift at the smell of human blood in this video, and Princess Diana, who was murdered in my opinion, used to refer to the Royal Family as "The Lizards," so I'm keeping an open mind. I also believe these former students of the Kamloops School for Aboriginal Children who says that Queen Elizabeth took ten kids from the school on a picnic in 1964 and none of them were seen or heard from again in this video. Why would they lie about that? There are "schools" like this in Ireland where the bodies of children have been found dumped in a cesspool, called the Tuam Babies. Israel also had a Stolen Babies Affair that they refer to as the Yemenite Children Affair to make it sound less horrific than it was. If you really think these babies were "adopted by childless Ashkenazi couples" like the New York Times postulates, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

I also think the Barbara Marx Hubbard, who allegedly misspoke about eating babies, looks a bit like Saturn devouring his son. What do you think?

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